Public Dissemination Event

El Puerto de Santa María, 3rd October 2019

Formulation of microalgae extracts into innovative cosmetic formulations



Konstantinos Gardikis


Research and Development Department, APIVITA S.A., Athens, Greece



Microalgae have begun to present numerous industrial applications in the recent years. One very significant, in economic terms, application is in the cosmetic industry. Indeed, microalgae raised in controlled conditions in bioreactors are able – depending on the species – to produce molecules that exhibit significant bioactivity on skin cells, enhancing the efficacy of cosmetic formulations. Several uses of microalgae ae presented as along as the very successful result of the collaboration of members of the consortium during a FP7 program: the development and commercial exploitation of a Nannochloropsis gaditana extract that is found in the Suncare line of APIVITA SA company, demonstrating significant global financial success.