Different workshops will be organised during the project.

Athens (Greece), 9-12th October 2017

Summer School: “In vitro testing platforms for natural cosmeceuticals”

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Grenoble (France), 20th to 24th February 2017


Workshop Schedule

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Organizer: CNRS
Scope: Structural diversity of Marine oligo- and polysaccharides

Faro (Portugal), 2018

III Workshop on "Modern Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis Tools"

Organizer: CCMAR
Scope: Hands-on training in bioinformatics tools and familiarization with genomics

Athens (Greece), 2019

IV Workshop on "In vitro bioactivity testing platforms and cosmetics product formulation"

Organizer: AUA, APIVITA
Scope: Training on in vitro functional characterization and toxicological analysis of micro algae derived cosmeceuticals using human epidermal cell lines

Past Events:

El Puerto de Santa María (Spain), 20-24 June 2016

I Workshop on "Microalgae production technologies and applications to marine fish aquaculture"

This event will be organized conjointly between Fitoplancton Marino and IFAPA in El Puerto de Santa Maria Spain. The dates 20-24th of June 2016.

Programme Details

Kick-off Meeting

The Algae4A-B project initiated with a kick-off meeting to plan implementation that took place in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain on 27th January 2016.