Summer School: “Advances in fish aquaculture and microalgae biotechnology”

El Puerto de Santa María (Spain), 17-21th September 2018.

Marine products and cosmetology – an overview


Konstantinos Gardikis. email:

APIVITA SA. Industrial Park of Markopoulo Mesogaias| 19003 Markopoulo Attiki, Athens (Greece)



Natural products cosmetology has begun exploiting bioactive ingredients - as long as excipients - from the seas and oceans. An overview of the connection between marine products and cosmetology was presented. Mainly primary metabolites of marine organisms - mainly microalgae - are being used because of their unique properties. Case studies of such ingredients, including the outcome of the collaborative project "AlgaeCom" were presented.

The European regulatory framework of marine product use in cosmetic commercial products is a challenging field from the moment that the scientific data, mainly concerning possible toxicity of marine organisms and their metabolites, is still limited. Overall the marine products are definitely an interesting field for cosmetic preparations and a very promising one, as science reveals new organisms that bear properties uncommon in land plants.


Acknowledgements: This study has received funds from H2020 MSCA-RISE project 691102 (Algae4A&B)