Summer School: “Advances in fish aquaculture and microalgae biotechnology”

El Puerto de Santa María (Spain), 17-21th September 2018.

The R+D in the aquaculture industry


R. Zerolo. e-mail:

Cultivos Piscícolas Marinos, S. A. (CUPIMAR). Ctra. Carraca, s/n, Salina San Juan Bautista. San Fernando (Cádiz) - CP: 11100



The aquaculture sector is highly demanding of new methodologies and strategies that support a sustainable growth based on high quality standards, environmentally-friendly with productivity improvements that ensure lasting profitability. In this presentation, the history CUPIMAR from the beginning of seabream aquaculture to the current production model of soles in recirculation systems were presented. The main challenges and bottlenecks on sole production were presented and discussed revealing the importance of innovation to promote a new activity and the requirements of novel approaches to improve growth, health and welfare.


Acknowledgements: This study has received funds from CDTi to CUPIMAR, project REPROSOLE2